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02 April
Since almost everyone is staying home, this seems like the perfect time to watch YouTube videos, scroll Pinterest, and read my favorite blogs! Do you feel that way too?

I hope so because I'm taking you on a video tour of my house! 😄

Please excuse the portion where the camera starts shaking. I don't know why it did that, it wasn't me! It does smooth out and go back to normal before long if you hang in there.

As promised, I have linked to all the blog post projects that I talked about in the video! You can come back later and check them out... or come back several times (because there are a lot)!!

Video Home Tour

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  1. Updated 1960's Kitchen Reveal
  2. Doggie Diner
  3. How to Replace a Light Fixture (Colander Lights)
  4. Macramé Curtain
  5. Brick Wall/German Schmear
  6. Organized Girl Shop Reveal
  7. Succulent Planter Spoon
  8. Dream Hearts (hanging in sliding glass door)
  9. Door Clock
  10. How to Create Stylish Built-ins
  11. 70’s Wall Hangings
  12. Guitar Shelf
  13. New Front Door and Wallpapered Wall
  14. Campaign Dresser
  15. Barn Door
  16. Button Globe
  17. DIY Bracket Wall Sconce Light
  18. Pottery Barn Knockoff Book Page Wreath
  19. Vintage Dish Succulent Planter
  20. Laundry Room Makeover
  21. Vintage Aluminum Camping Gear Upcycled to Pretty Boho Planters
  22. Half Bath Redo - The Happiest Floors on the Block
  23. Repurposed Spindle Valance
  24. Upcycled Old Door Coat Rack
  25. Repurposed Yardstick Countertop
  26. Upcycled Drawer Shelf
  27. Inexpensive Window Treatments (polka dot blind)
  28. Some New Finds for my Bedroom (The radiator story)
  29. Mid-Century Modern Lowboy Dresser
  30. Upcycled Clock Shelf
  31. Thrift the Look Indoor Cactus Garden
  32. Copycat Sunburst Mirror
  33. DIY Pottery Barn Lookalike Footstool
  34. Painted Fabric Headboard
  35. How to Tint Black and White Pictures
  36. Thrift the Look Boho Gallery Wall
  37. Craft studio makeover
  38. Upcycled Tennis Racket Press Shelf
  39. DIY Upcycled Thrift Store Painting
  40. Oversized Bulletin Board
  41. Boho Bathroom Makeover
Where I got my living room rug: Boutique Rugs

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